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26 Mar 2020

Travel More, Expend Less

Do you belong to the below-mentioned category of Travelers or Travel Aspirants? I wish to travel and explore many places I don’t want to spend a lot of money on my travels I want to purchase from
2 Mar 2020

Visit Crorepati Avenue @ Digital Marketing World

Thanks to “Digital Deepak” (www.digitaldeepak.com), I’m writing a blog post in English after a long time. I availed an opportunity to attend his internship program on Digital Marketing. In the introductory class, he gave insights on how
6 Apr 2019

Narendra Modi’s Rule: Top 10 D & D

I was one of those 2014 voters who wanted Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister. Now, after 5 years of Modi sarkar, I have taken a “look-back” and arrived at my top 10 Delights & Disappointments.
5 May 2018

Central Board of Secondary E——

It has been quite disturbing to read the news that thousands of NEET candidates in Tamilnadu have to take the examination in States like Kerala, Karnataka, Rajasthan. Before proceeding further, I’d like to make two things clear
5 Sep 2016

The candles.. the lighted paths…

Having been in professional work environments for a decade and half, I pondered over the key elements that built my career. One element that stays relevant at all times is – the English language, with its usage
1 Nov 2015

Above & Beyond the Obvious…

Before I changed my job last year after a fairly long stint of 13 years, I went through an exciting, anxious phase – on communication to family/friends, resignation, financial planning, relocation, etc. I wanted to share the
12 Sep 2015


On the other day, I saw a “Mobile Court” near Malar Hospital, Adyar. There was a big queue of bike riders waiting outside the court to pay the fine (for violation of “helmet wearing” rule).    I’m
23 Aug 2015

Before jumping the “RO” gun…

Thanks to a customer-centric salesman, I saved at least Rs.4000/- and learnt quite a few concepts (that’ll be useful throughout life) on water management. You can read about my thoughts on that salesmanship in my linkedin post .
16 Mar 2015

Balanced Land Acquisition

Land acquisition bill – The buzz(talk) in the recent weeks… And, most of the arguments surrounding this bill are binary i.e. pro-development, anti-farmer. Such arguments lead to a natural question – Whether we have gone to such
24 Nov 2014

Thank you, Mr.Rishi…

Last week, I landed in Delhi Airport and went to the “Delhi Prepaid Taxi” counter to book a cab for Greater Noida. The charge was Rs.935/-. Due to some miscommunication, I gave two 1000 Rupee notes (one
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