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29 Mar 2020

Fighting Corona Amidst Mass-Movements: A Citizen’s Constructive Thoughts

Dear Prime Minister and all State & UT Chief Ministers, As a citizen of this great country, I salute all of your mammoth efforts and dedication to protect the country from the clutches of #CoronaVirus (COVID-19). Though
6 Apr 2019

Narendra Modi’s Rule: Top 10 D & D

I was one of those 2014 voters who wanted Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister. Now, after 5 years of Modi sarkar, I have taken a “look-back” and arrived at my top 10 Delights & Disappointments.
16 Mar 2015

Balanced Land Acquisition

Land acquisition bill – The buzz(talk) in the recent weeks… And, most of the arguments surrounding this bill are binary i.e. pro-development, anti-farmer. Such arguments lead to a natural question – Whether we have gone to such
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