Thank you, Mr.Rishi…

Last week, I landed in Delhi Airport and went to the “Delhi Prepaid Taxi” counter to book a cab for Greater Noida. The charge was Rs.935/-. Due to some miscommunication, I gave two 1000 Rupee notes (one after the other) – which neither I nor the person at the counter realized then (I guess there was one another cab requester as well leading to this confusion). Once I reached the hotel room, I took my wallet for something else and noticed that one 1000 Re note was missing. I did some calculations on my spends and assured myself that it was indeed missing. I sensed that the only place where I might have given it or missed it was the cab counter. Since the person at the counter had given his name and number, I gave a call to him (with slim hopes) and requested him to check on this. He told me that he’d check and would give me a call in 5-10 minutes with an assurance “Don’t worry, if it’s here you’ll get it back”. After a few minutes, he called me and told that he verified the bills & amount to find that he had Rs.1000+ in excess. As there was no possibility of any immediate meeting, he asked me to SMS my account details so that he can deposit. The next day, he deposited the amount and gave me a call to let me know about the same. I said “Thanks a lot, Sir. It’s very difficult to find such persons in today’s world”. His name is Rishi.
Thank you Mr.Rishi, people like you uphold the values of honesty and integrity in this polluted world and keep the optimism alive.

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