Travel More, Expend Less

Do you belong to the below-mentioned category of Travelers or Travel Aspirants?

  • I wish to travel and explore many places
  • I don’t want to spend a lot of money on my travels
  • I want to purchase from less-advertised, yet good quality sellers and service providers in any travel location that I visit
  • I wish to have hassle-free and reliable support during travels
  • I wish to go to “less travelled” places in travel locations, but with minimal risks

If you nodded “YES” to all the above or most of the above points, then you’re at the right place.

Many a times, I have thought of taking up vacation-type or exploring-type travels. But, mostly I have dropped them or postponed them. Why? The fear of spending a lot due to lack of necessary guidance. Yes, I mean it. Even though there’re many online portals that provide travel information, the depth of information is limited and I end up spending a lot.

Let us say you want to visit the city of Tiruchirapalli (Trichy) in Tamilnadu and visit all the nearby temples. As a traveler belonging to the category said above, you’d do the following –

  • Try to figure out a location of stay within Trichy, such that it is easily accessible to most of the temples that you want to visit
  • Identify the budget hotels within that area and pick the “best” based on online review ratings, facilities, price/”value for money”
  • Check and make a note of transport options
  • In case of stays that extend beyond 2 days, you’d check budget restaurants
  • Figure out shopping spots with decent review ratings

Despite all these preparations, you may still have shock or surprises during the actual travel and may end up with a thought “I paid too high for low quality“.  From the next time onwards, either you’d go with “established” brands with higher spends or stay away from any travel that doesn’t seem mandatory.

Does this sound familiar? If yes, there’s a cool solution for you. You don’t need to drop or postpone travel ideas any further. Read further to know more.

The online travel assistant “GoAroundTN” is a handy, yes it’s literally a handy tool to assist you in your travel needs in Tamilnadu. “GoAroundTN” lists out budget, yet good quality hotels, restaurants, travel cabs, sellers and service providers for most of the travel locations in Tamilnadu. All these listings are free.

You may have a question, “There’re so many travel sites that do the same thing. What’s so special about GoAroundTN?”.

Key Differences

  • In most of the travel sites, the contents are displayed as how they were provided by the sellers or service providers. 80% of the contents would be more marketing and salesy, which would be known only when you face the reality. But, in “GoAroundTN”, we don’t list any of the products or services without a direct visit or interaction by our team. The contents – text or video – are prepared by our own team based on our experience or direct interaction.
  • We don’t have any tie-ups with the sellers and service providers. We don’t generate any revenue from them. So, we don’t have any vested interests to promote a particular seller or brand or hotel, whatsoever. Our revenue model is based on the advertisements in our tool and hence do not have any relationship with the listings.
  • Our listings will comprise of small shops/less-explored spots, that may or may not have much advertisements on their own. For example, if there’s good quality road-side tea shop, it’ll find a place in our listings. We just don’t want you to be robotic travelers, we want you to explore and enjoy the small yet enriching moments as well.

We provide all the necessary details in the listings, so that you can directly contact the sellers and/or service providers to do your bookings. We do provide their website links for your ease of access. So, there’s no commission for us based on your bookings.

Our intent through “GoAroundTN” is to provide a good online platform that connects budget travelers with budget (yet good quality) service providers through authentic contents. We provide the maximum possible details on various categories related to a travel, so that you can take well-informed decisions with minimal and hassle-free efforts from your end.

What if the output is not as expected?

What if your real experience was not satisfactory, despite using our listings? We’d certainly take your feedback to do necessary corrections in the listings – so that future travelers get better benefits as appropriate. And, as a token of guilt – yes, we feel guilty because you didn’t get the best of the experience – we’ll give you a gift voucher that you can redeem with select merchants. This is to affirm our commitment towards quality service.

Free & Premium Services

Beyond our free listing services, we do provide a customized planner as a “premium” service. For example, let us say you provide us where you travel from, when you travel, how long you intend to stay, which places you want to visit, your typical budget and your other areas of interest, we provide a customized “travel planner”. The “travel planner” is a guide that would readily give suggestions/recommendations on your place of stay, cab service provider, restaurants to eat, shopping spots, etc.

Isn’t this interesting?

If you want to travel anywhere in Tamilnadu, just visit “GoAroundTN” website, choose your travel destination,  search the listings by category, pick your choices and book them. This service is entirely free.

Just in case you want to leave the headache of searching and picking, you feel free to avail our “premium” service. We’ll give you “travel planner” with most appropriate and top 2-3 suggestions/recommendations in each category. Based on the travel planner’s guidance, you can do hassle-free bookings on your own.

As simple as that.

What Next?

We require only two things from you –

  • Join “GoAroundTN” as a member, so that our services are targeted towards those who are genuinely interested
  • Provide your valuable feedback at the end of every travel, as it’d help you and the community in future travels.

So, what are you waiting for? Join “GoAroundTN” as a member. You can choose either the basic-free plan or premium plan and enjoy our services. We’re committed to provide you the services that make you “Explore More, Expend Less”.

Note: This is a sales copy for an upcoming online venture “GoAroundTN” (this name could be changed later). The copy has been written as part of an assignment in “Digital Marketing Internship Program” conducted by “Digital Deepak” (

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