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It has been quite disturbing to read the news that thousands of NEET candidates in Tamilnadu have to take the examination in States like Kerala, Karnataka, Rajasthan. Before proceeding further, I’d like to make two things clear – 
  1. I’m not against NEET (though I strongly feel that adequate measures have to be taken to bridge the opportunity gap between rural & urban students) 
  2. Many political parties in Tamilnadu see this as wilful move by CBSE. However, I’d like to dismiss such a thought in the larger interests and  tend to believe that it’s an administrative lapse.
Well, administrative lapses in such large scale exams are not uncommon. But, the appalling points are –
  • CBSE didn’t admit the administrative lapse, but was happy to fight the case in the courts
  • CBSE didn’t show any sign of “make it happen” or “get it done” attitude by swiftly making corrective actions in the interests of the candidates (at least after the concerns were raised all around)
More than the woes of the candidates (which they’ll somehow manage and emerge stronger), the key question that comes up is – “If a board of education – which is the educational platform for millions of students – doesn’t admit the lapse/error on its side and doesn’t lead by example on the can-do attitude for correction, how can it impart such qualities in the minds of the students?”. This is a question on the value system of the board. The lack of determination and positive attitude makes one think that the “E” in CBSE stands for “Excuses” (such as “didn’t anticipate so many NEET applications from Tamilnadu”, “cannot find additional centres in a short time period”, etc) rather than “Education”. Hope the board considers this aspect and changes the course of actions to be reflective of a great value system – that can be emulated by the graduating students.
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